Remoteness makes for better quality of communication. Far flung teams spend the time they have together more effectively. And, as a programmer, being able to better manage your distractions and your communication in blocks of time makes for HUGE improvements in productivity and quality of work. Just sayin’.

Hello, HTML5!

My most recent work has gotten me up close and personal with HTML5, and particularly working with the canvas. It’s amazing to realize that we can now do in most modern browsers with HTML5 and Javascript what we could once only do with Flash. It’s disheartening to see how much less mature the technology is, but it still gives me hope for the future of highly graphical, animated, plug-in free websites. I’m especially amazed (and have been particularly focused on) what can be done in terms of pixel manipulation.

I’ve also spent a lot of time with the newish, and rapidly improving library KineticJS, which automates a lot of the humdrum of canvas work and makes layering canvases a breeze. I finally signed up for a Github account, mostly so I could contribute to this project. I’ve written six filters in the past several weeks and I will be posting articles here with the code for at least a couple of them.

I’ve also gotten the chance to work with the Facebook API for the first time, and that is a whole other ball of wax, to be explored more in the future! In the meantime, time to update the resume with new technologies!

In the past I kept a personal wiki using TiddlyWiki to dump all sorts of brain matter and categorize it in a useful way. Today I downloaded a fresh copy and started it back up. I still have the old one, and I’m sure I’ll revisit it at some point, but to me a wiki is the best sort of personal journal because it helps me keep information organized.

Tags: productivity

[9/26/12 Edit: HTML5 and KineticJS added to Technologies section. - LK]

A new year and new skills require a new resume!